Master Bench – Marbre Redressage

Marble of redressage for all front, rear and side impacts
Lifting and straightening system with anchor and traction arm – Lifting height 1100 mm

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The Master Bench Global Cabin is a hydraulic lift with a pulling arm, ideal for workshops and paint shops/car repair garages, for fast and safe interventions. With an average vehicle set-up time of 15 minutes, responders can quickly begin their services.

In its closed state, the Master Bench does not exceed 11cm in height, so all models of vehicles can slide in it freely and without any further need for lifting. The Master Bench includes a traction system with a capacity of 10 tons.

Once the device is in place, the vehicle can be lifted up to 1m10 from the ground in order to freely carry out the various painting or repair services.

Features :
Lung odor: 4000 mm
Width: 840 mm
Height: 100-110mm
Lifting capacity: 4000Kg
Maximum lifting height: 1100mm