Crash-Check ” Paint thickness tester “

Electronic quick tester for checking vehicle paint and body coating thickness
You can tell by using Crash Check if …
The area is original paint
The area hides an accident
The area has hidden rust
The area conceals a paint mixture

Crash-Check is a tester that easily detects damaged parts, e.g. repainted vehicles, rusted areas, with the help of its electro-magnetic detector
It is recommended when buying a vehicle in order to be able to detect damage if necessary.

With CrashCheck®, the paint thickness difference can be calculated quickly and reliably, CrashCheck® has been developed to be used in the following areas
in particular for the used car trade.
simply place the Crash-Check on the vehicle body and press the button
the electronic sensor then indicates what is not visible to the naked eye :
– green: the paint layer is no thicker than in the original state, thickness up to 180 µm
– yellow: paint layer thickness is at the limit of permissible, thickness up to 450 µm
– red: look out! Layer too thick: plaster, accident, rust, thickness over 450 µm


if the paint is considerably thicker, it may be the result of too much putty and paint or/and
filling of hollow bodies “hidden rust”.