Quick and Easy Simonizing and Buffing!

Does the color of your car seem faded to you? Maybe it’s time to simonize it to make the painting shine again. Here’s how it’s done.

Your car doesn’t have its old-fashioned shine anymore? Don’t worry, a good simonising or polishing will make it almost as good as new. Simonizing a car means polishing its bodywork, making it smooth and shiny at the same time. This term comes from an old brand of product, the “Simonis” that was once used to polish bodies. The work is easy to do and takes no more than 2 hours.

Washing: an essential step before simonizing

Before polishing, you need to wash your car thoroughly. Do it out of the sun so that the body is cooled. Detergent mixed with lukewarm water will do the job perfectly and will completely eliminate the dust with a non-abrasive cloth. Rinse the car with cold water and dry it with a good chamois leather to avoid scratching the bodywork.

Modern techniques to simulate your car

If you have the opportunity, rent a polisher with adjustable speed. The device is practical and easy and is used with a polishing foam. The adjustable speed function allows you to emphasise certain areas of the bodywork with micro-scratches. The lessor of the device will give you clear instructions on how to proceed.

For the rest, the traditional technique is still popular. Adequate polishing foam: there are all kinds of polishing foam, so it is best to ask your garage for the most appropriate product for the condition of your bodywork.

Some polishing foams are designed to remove large scratches. Some are specially used for micro-scratches, others are used to restore shine to the bodywork. Make sure you get the right information, because choosing the wrong product to polish your car could do more harm than good…
Simonizing: the traditional method

Many people still simply use a polish and a good polishing cloth, which of course requires a bit more elbow grease.

Again, be sure to check if the product you are using is a scratch polish or renovator to restore the paint’s shine.

The next step requires a specially designed polishing cloth to spread the product on the bodywork.

As soon as the spread cream is completely dry, gently wipe the entire bodywork with a suitable cloth.

In order to perfect the work, the last step will be to apply a protective wax. This one, in addition to protecting it, will make the bodywork of the car shine.




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